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Technology leader combining business acumen with deep technology understanding to drive strategy, roadmap, and scaling of fast-paced, results-driven early-stage growth organizations. Partner with C-suite revenue leadership to develop solutions that impact the bottom line. Build and motivate global teams of all sizes by empowering teams to do their best for the business while creating a sense of ownership. Passion for bringing new perspectives and leveraging existing resources to find simple solutions to big complex problems.
My role as leader is to make sure my teams know I am their strongest ally and always have their backs. Then I’m able to enable and empower the individuals on my team to be and do their best at all times, establishing and maintaining mutual trust and respect. Early in my leadership career, I embraced the concepts of Extreme Ownership (by Jocko Willink). I invite everyone on my team to take on full ownership of their work and take the actions that are best for the business. I am there to clear their path of roadblocks, and of course offer support, coaching, advice when needed.

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Jim Bartek
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SureSwift Worldwide

VP Technology / Architect March 2018 - Present

  • Built a successful and productive remote global team
  • Created a culture of open honest communication, results driven engineering, and fun
  • Managed a globally distributed team of over 50 people
  • Managed technology across growing SaaS Portfolio
  • Technical Due Diligence
  • M&A Experience
  • Implemented portfolio wide standardization process
  • Implemented GDPR, CCPA, and other compliance and regulations
  • Implemented Software Development Processes
  • Report Directly to CEO
  • Work closely with my team, vendors, contractors to decrease cost and increase revenue
  • Decreased expenses 50% by implementing standards across the portfolio

Somo Audience

Director of Technology October 2014 - March 2018

  • Built a successful and productive remote onshore team
  • Developed the platforms the team uses to build Real Time Bidding products
  • Implemented Software Process
  • Implemented GitHub version control
  • Implemented JIRA for Project Management
  • Report Directly to COO and CEO
  • Work closely with my team, vendors, contractors to decrease cost and increase revenue
  • Managed 3 Data Center moves to increase performance in a highly competitive ad:tech marketplace


My job allows me to take deep dives into code, like an archaeologist, and no matter the language, distinguish what is going on and any inefficiences there may be. I enjoy all facets of the technical stack and the leadership stack.

  • Technical Strategy
  • Team Building
  • Software Architecture
  • Infrastructure
  • PHP
  • Python

Client Testimonials

  • Jim is a gifted tech manager with a knack for motivating people and bringing out their innate talents. He is very focused on GTD (getting things done). I learned a lot during my time working for him. Highly recommended.

    Travis Beale
  • Jim is the ideal developer for any project that involves bleeding-edge web technology. Jim is able to see the "big-picture" quickly, and he was able take a business spec and go beyond my initial expectations. Whenever new technologies/architecture/languages were needed to move the project forward, Jim showed the ability to quickly come up the learning curve. I'd put him on my team in a second.

    Brad Ryba

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Jim Bartek
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